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At Mando Technologies, we strongly believe in the efficacy of specialization. Our consultants are dedicated to focusing on highly specific fields within the Cloud, Data & Analytics realm. Our approach is centered on doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well. We understand that this level of specialization is crucial in delivering top-quality services to our clients. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to provide expert guidance and solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry knowledge ensures that our clients receive the most up-to-date solutions to their Cloud, Data & Analytics challenges. At Mando Technologies, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve success through our comprehensive range of specialized services.

Customer Centricity

At MANDO, we have always prioritized offering outstanding customer experiences by placing our customers at the forefront of all our interactions. Our team is fully committed to ensuring that our clients have positive experiences with us. We acknowledge that our clients are the lifeblood of our business and as such, we make it a priority to establish robust relationships with them. We express our gratitude to all our customers for trusting us and assure them that we are always committed to providing top-notch services. Our firm dedication to customer satisfaction is what distinguishes us from our competition and has resulted in our clients being loyal to us and supporting our business.

Pulse on Value

We at our company firmly believe that our purpose extends beyond mere profit maximization. We are committed to making a meaningful impact in every aspect of our business operations, be it in our dealings with our valued customers, esteemed partners or in the community at large. Our goal is not just to provide exceptional products and services that meet the needs of our customers, but to also foster a culture of responsibility, sustainability and social consciousness. In addition, we actively seek out opportunities to give back to society through various charitable initiatives. At every step of the way, our company prioritizes generating positive value that has a lasting impact, and we will continue to do so as we grow and evolve with the times.

Data DNA

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, data has become a critical asset for organizations looking to stay ahead of the competition. At our organization, we recognize this importance, and that's why we are fully committed to its use and promotion. By leveraging enterprise data, we can help you create efficiencies, drive revenue growth, and open up new revenue streams. Our team is made up of dedicated experts who are constantly staying ahead of the curve and advancing their knowledge and expertise in data manipulation and management. We are truly passionate about demonstrating the transformative power of data-driven decision-making, as we firmly believe that it is the key to unlocking your organization's full potential.

Welcome to MANDO, a Cloud and Data Engineering firm with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We are excited to be able to use our expertise to help you and your business succeed. With our team of passionate and dedicated developers, we can ensure that your IT needs are met with excellence and innovation. We understand how important your data is to you, and we are ready to take on any challenge with confidence and enthusiasm. Let’s work together and achieve greatness in the cloud and data engineering world!


About Us

Let Us Be Your Preferred IT Partners

We are young, cool and bold. We work without boundaries, never letting the ball drop at any time. We collaborate, we listen, we question, we respect, we deliver. We have fun.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. With over 20 years of expertise in IT Consulting and staffing, we are the go-to team for any tech challenge. Our team comprises of brilliant minds, who are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions. So if you want results you can count on, MANDO is ready and able to exceed your expectations. Trust us, you won’t find another company with as much expertise, experience, and passion as we have.

We’re at the forefront of innovation for building Cloud and Data solutions that keep pace with the changing state of business and technology. We build Data that goes beyond a product and supports bigger business goals of creating scale and efficiencies. We build Data and analytics for internal business needs, client-facing use-cases, process flow, and on any platform. We focus on value, by building for omni-channel, for competitive advantages, and for budget and time constraints. We love building software and bringing it to market.

Oue Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

At MANDO, we’re building a culture of data literacy and data driven decisions. We enable automated data discovery, delivering cognitive insights and actionable recommendations to positively impact your top and bottom line. We’re building better data experience by integrating multiple processes across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Data Engineering

Getting your data from where it is to where it needs to be in a format you can use to analyze and report on it

Cloud Computing

Moving your elastic workloads to the cloud can save money, when done properly!

Business Intelligence

BI Services deploy processes to integrate, support, and manage the related technology applications and platforms. These include business and infrastructure applications for BI platforms, analytics needs, and data warehousing infrastructure.

Data Governance

Data is a company’s lifeblood and forward-thinking companies have started to treat their data as an asset. Like your products, your data needs to be inventoried, documented, and tracked in order for it to be timely, accurate, useful, and reliable.

What Client Say About Us

Abbi Finnegan CDO, Leading Hi-tech Startup

“The MANDO team is passionate about guiding businesses to be data driven. Their ability to identify a business problem and promptly resolve it is unique. For us, no tool comes close to providing the kind of insight Irfan and his team provide.”

Marianna Dudley Director, CyberSecurity Company

“Sam and his team are exceptionally passionate. MANDO will deliver what they promise and go beyond with their thought leadership. I’d recommend MANDO to anyone struggling with putting data to use.”

Henley Burch COO, US Finance Company

I highly recommend MANDO. They are a strategic partner for our digital transformation. Very few organizations possess the complete package: strong advanced analytics expertise, deep industry experience, the initiative to anticipate and solve customer needs, compelling and concise communication, and a results-driven mindset. Not to forget a hands-on management team.

STrategic Services

Data Warehouse Modernization

The Corporate Data Warehouse is a fundamental mainstay of our corporate IT strategy, which can tend to get stale. The hardware and software you initially implemented may now be ready for upgrading or retirement…

Data Engineering & Cloud Migration

Getting your data from where it is to where it needs to be in a format you can use to analyze and report on it.

Moving your elastic workloads to the cloud can save money, when done properly! Our experts can help manage this transition.

Data Analytics Platform Implementation

Since a company’s data sets are generally in several systems, a data analytics platform is the place to bring the data from all those systems to a single environment designed to ingest, clean, integrate, and store that data for long periods of time.

Data Architecture

Planning & Implementation

Good data architecture is important from multiple perspectives. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and a logical model of the things we are are using in our business and their relationships to each other is critical for communicating with our colleagues, customers, and vendors

Data Analytics

Reporting & Insights

We have a thorough understanding of how data drives business and cross technical disciplines to deliver the optimum ROI on data assets. We help businesses scale, obtain, and utilize the data they need to be successful.

Data Science

Data Science and Data Scientists are extremely valuable for many organizations. Without a mature / maturing data analytics stack, data scientists can spend an inordinate amount of time data wrangling. That is, finding the data, determining what the data means, and cleaning the data before they can even start to do data science.

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